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Covert Military Tactical Lights



Phantom Products is a third generation, family-owned American Made lighting company – we design, build, and sell the BEST lights for military, law enforcement, off road, and emergency lighting.   All of our lights are made on the Space Coast of Florida, 40 miles east of Orlando, and 10 minutes from Patrick Air Force Base.

This is not a typical consumer web site.  Some of our products are only intended for use by the U.S. Military (including the National Guard/Reserves/ Homeland Security)  as well as police, fire, and EMS agencies. If not for those out on the front lines, we cannot sit here in safety at home.  We have pledged not to sell our lights to the bad guys. No bad guy is going to sneak up on one of our soldiers with one of our lights!

If the item that interests you is restricted, we will ask you to fill out a brief online survey and wait for approval.  We do recognize that by requiring approval, we may unintentionally be excluding some of you. If you feel you’ve been denied access unfairly, please call me or send me an email, and I’ll personally address your concerns.

I’ll apologize now if you find registering inconvenient, but I’ll also ask for your understanding as we choose to err on the side of the security of our soldiers.

We are a fiercely patriotic lot: as awesome as it would be to blanket the globe with Phantom lights, we refuse to sell them to potential bad guys to be used against our troops. It costs us a lot of money but considering the sacrifice made on our behalf every day by these brave men and women, it is the LEAST we can do.

usaWe fly the flag.

We stand for the pledge.

We love this Nation and the Troops that protect her.

HOOAH!  God Bless America!


  1. I understand your customer vetting policy considering the state of the world we are now living in compared to the one I grew up with in the 60's. I put my service in at Fort Jackson,S.C. In the late 60's & still take very seriously the oath & the step forward I took those many years ago. I am now a retired & disabled industrial engineer who still enjoys the latest tech Equipment. Sorry. But my exposure to tech lighting has been with Sure Fire & Nova. I found your site thru Amazon. You appear to be a step up from Sure Fire & I am interested in a some of your product line but I have just started to navigate your site & would like to be vetted to learn more about the technical specs & prices of the products that you do make available to the general public of which I am now a member of….sincerely….Frank Harris

    • Thank you for your Service and your understanding. We are updating our site and will pull more of the commercial products online soon. Bear with us!! Thanks!

  2. Joseph A. Blechinger

    September 8, 2015 at 19:04

    Found one of your lights at a goodwill for less than a buck. Knew it was quality when I picked it up. Looked up your website to find out more about the light. Just to let you know, I am not a bad guy and I do appreciate your site and support of our troops

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