Since 1990, when we first started making our Military NVG-secure map lights, we have refused to sell our Phantom Lights in other catalogs, shops around military bases, or through distributors who will sell them without knowing their customers’ identities. Recently, the demand for our lights, for those of us who "prep" for emergencies, has grown exponentially. We feel our American-made lights have a big place in our preparations, and think you will too.

If you think we're new in this market, you'd be correct. To think we're new to shelter lighting, you'd need to forget the thousands of Military structures, temporary AND permanent, around the globe with Phantom lights inside and out. While you're at it, consider the long list of ground, air and sea VEHICLES we've outfitted as well.

We're excited about this new path some of our lights have taken, and we'd love to see our lights in YOUR shelter. Be sure to send us some photos of your lights installed!

Victoria McDermott, J.D.
Phantom Products, Inc.