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(February 2011) "I wanted to thank you for a great product. I outfitted all my F-18D aircrew
with your Phantom Warriors as a secondary penlight. They now instantly dig your light out of
their survival pockets over their main light during night ops. I also have to fight off the maintainers
from borrowing the few I keep in stock for incoming aircrew. Now I'm looking for approval to
purchase your mini version so they can clip them onto their clipboards or helmets.
Keep putting out awesome products, I'm sure your lights will become a Marine Corps standard."

(June 2004) "...my boss is pleased! I sent the spotlight to Iraq and thanks to your product,
our dogs found one of the biggest weapons caches found so far. I am sorry I cannot go into
detail, but thought you would want to know. Another thing, the light has saved their lives at
least twice so far. My guys in Iraq said they owe you their lives. Thanks again, you guys kick ass!!"

(July 2004) "I have some more great news for you and your guys. Your lights have been used
by our team on every mission. I sent them the Dog
(Phantom) Hawk and they love it. Also know
that you have saved some more lives. I wish I could tell you all more, but as you know I am
not allowed to. All I can say is thank God for you guys. You are a true asset to our Army.
And thanks again from SSG S. and PFC S., these are two of the guys that you have saved.
Keep up the good work!"
-- SSG H.F.

(March 2008)
"My Phantom lights have been into the field in Iraq. I told one of my Soldiers that
my Phantoms would outdo his
(other brand) any day. I placed my Phantom in the rain all day
and it worked like new. Then I used it in snow at -10°F, and my batteries did not die as fast
as in his
(other brand). But that was not enough for him, so I placed my light under a HMMWV
and backed over it. It still worked. I cannot wait to see my Phantoms perform in Afghanistan!"

-- SSG G.V.

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